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Home sweet virtual home…


2009-07-06 : Added Rant.
A rant about a german Python book in german.
2008-05-27 : Added OpenPGP key ID to the contact page.
As suggested by Leonidas from the german Python forum.
2007-08-31 : is back.
Well, it was never gone but missing from the software page. Just noticed it because I got feedback from someone who followed the DVD to Matroska HOWTO at the Gentoo Wiki
2007-07-25 : Bugfix release of
There was an unicode error when using the id3reader module for reading MP3 tags.
2006-10-12 : Restart.
A fresh start again. This time without tables for the layout. Everything is styled with CSS. And the site is automatically build from simple text files in ReST syntax.


  • Contact

    Several ways to get in contact with me.

  • Software

    Some programs written by me. Mostly in Python.

  • Python OpenBook

    Critique of the Python OpenBook by GalileoComputing (in german).

  • The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 2351
  • Project Euler - User blackjack